b. 1978

Richly layered and textured glaze surfaces, on undulating forms bring into question what is natural and what is man-made.

His exploration of, and experimentation with, ceramic Materials is an examination of our relationship with entropy: Each piece appears weathered by and wrought from the geological, biological, ‘deep-time’ forces of erosion, growth, effervescence, and decay.

The work seems, like coral, to be a simultaneous symbiosis of Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable.

Selected Exhibitions

2018 Lustre18 - OBS Gallery, Tonbridge, UK

2016 Down to Earth - Whitestone Gallery, York, UK

2015 The Bright Field - OBS Gallery, Tonbridge, UK

2015 Affordable Art Fair - London, UK

2012 Nephelococcygia - Huuto Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

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