b. 1978

Having spent a rural childhood rooting through soil and silt from rivers, fields and beaches perhaps it’s inevitable that, after studying Fine Art and making wall-based, mixed-media work for many years, I find myself drawn back to the amorphous qualities of clay, and the elemental alchemy of ceramics.

Through constant exploration of, and experimentation with, ceramic materials and processes I have developed a number of ever-evolving clay and glaze recipes which, when combined, strongly evoke Nature.

Richly layered and textured glaze surfaces, on undulating, pocked forms reveal worlds-within-worlds, and reward close scrutiny.

Each piece appears weathered by, and wrought from, the geological, biological, ‘deep-time’ forces of erosion, growth, effervescence, and decay: Volcanic pumice, organic sponge, rotting wood, termite mounds, corals, clouds, shells, and fossils are brought to mind along with the fondant, unctuous qualities of food.

The work seems, like coral, to be a simultaneous symbiosis of Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable.

Exhibiting in Finland, Spain, Argentina and UK has taught me that, for all our clever culture and technology, our base relationship with Nature is a unifying constant, a longing even.

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